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No matter what your kidney surgery circumstance might be, we have a network of surgeons around the globe ready to assist you.

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Kidney Surgery Procedure Details

Kidney transplantation (also known as renal transplantation) involves transplanting a kidney from a living or deceased-donor (cadaveric renal transplant) donor. While the sale of kidneys are illegal in most countries worldwide, we have created innovative programs such as a global transplant-pairing program and we have also made arrangements with hospitals that will accept a close friend or acquaintance as a donor as long as you can prove it.

A kidney transplant surgery is necessary for patients with end stage renal failure. Currently there are massive wait lists and unfair triaging of patients based on age and other factors. The surgery is typically 5-6 hours long followed by 5 days in ICU for both the recipient and the donor. The recipient is discharged after 12-21 days and the donor after 8-12 days.

Before a surgery can take place, tissue typing and an HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) matching MUST be done between the donor and recipient.

We are currently offering transplant surgeries in the following countries:

INDIA:  Cost between $35,000-$45,000.  Donors must be blood related or immediate spouse or a mother or father in law.  Sisters in laws or brother in laws or even cousins may not qualify.

TURKEY:   Costs between $45,000- $60,000.  Donors may be up to 4th generation family members (in laws, cousins, uncles) but you have to provide evidence and have a letter from your embassy proving it.

POLAND:   Costs between $45,000- $60,000.  Donors may be up to 4th generation family members (in laws, cousins, uncles) OR they can be friends or other emotionally related persons. You will have to sign an affidavidit at a court testifying this.

Singapore:   Costs between $75,000-$90,000.  Anyone can be a donor as long as it is altruistic, you cannot even pay for their life insurance.  An ethics committee has the final say.

USA:   Costs between $200,000 - $250,000, anyone can be a donor as long as they are altruistic.